Armchair w/legs

34″ W x 30″ H x 39″ H

40 lb.

Base: Rovere Grigio

Nabuk leather | colour 47

Made In Italy

A compact, elegant and comfortable design: Laurie is a tribute to the best Italian tradition reinterpreted in a contemporary key by the Calvi Brambilla studio. The fresh appeal of its image is achieved using elementary, cocooning, geometric shapes connected by a generous amount of formal minimalism. Its distinctive shape consists of a lower shell and a large, curved, backrest attached using a simple mechanism borrowed from the automobile industry. It is cozy, almost motherly volumes invite you to sit down and relax. The base offers informal and agile support to the frame with its four, slanting legs that are more reminiscent of a chair than of an armchair, making Laurie extremely versatile and adapting it to any room, from the reception room to the bedroom. Extensive customization options contribute to its versatility. To satisfy any taste, numerous combinations can be achieved using the many finishes available for the base and cover.

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